Monday, March 22, 2010

Bracewell & Giuliani Representatives Give "Washington Political Update"

Monday morning began with a question and answer session with Susan Molinari (Senior Principal) and Gene Godley (Partner) both with Bracewell & Giuliani about some of the political undercurrents in discussions in Washington. Both bring decades of experience from their work on Capitol Hill.

Susan began by saying that many people are concerned with the growing divisive language that has escalated in Washington during the health care debate. She noted some comments made from both parties that, in her opinion, seem to draw a wider divide in the country.

Gene Godly echoed her remarks in that he hoped that with some issues to come such as education and immigration that many hope there is more bi-partisan discussion. However, he noted that historically, with a super majority of any party in Washington, the parties typically grow apart before they grow together.

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