Monday, February 27, 2012

National Intelligence Director Anxious About Budget Cuts

San Antonio business leaders should tell their legislators they are against draconian budget cuts in the Department of Defense, Lt. Gen. (USAF Ret.) James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence told the SA to DC delegation at the opening breakfast February 27. The automatic cuts that are scheduled as a result of the failure of the super committee last year could mean putting the nation at risk, he warned.

Clapper described himself as the "guy with the bad news," at the briefing, and his remarks were definately gloomy. He had just returned from a visit to Israel and Lybia, where much of the world has been focused as unrest continues in the Middle East a year after the 'Arab Spring' began. In fact he struggled to find any positive answer when asked if things were better anywhere. He did not express much optimism to the group as he described many locations around the world that continue to be a concern including Korea, Russia, China and Mexico.

Our national intelligence capabilities are more critical today than ever before and severe cuts will mean lowering our standards, Clapper said; it is easy to see that we cannot afford to let our guard down. Yes, pretty gloomy.

He will be giving a speech/briefing this afternoon on the international situation. Hopefully we can catch it on CSPAN.

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