Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Discovery of the Cyber World Likened to Discovery of Americas

According to General (Ret.) Michael Hayden, former Director of the CIA and NSA, the online world will bring about changes in history not unlike the European discovery of the “New World.” General Hayden told SA to DC participants that he recently addressed a convention of cyber experts and used the discovery illustration to emphasize the importance of knowing the power of, and the risks of, the new domain that is forming.
General Hayden said that cybersecurity is a continually evolving space, and the American people need to realize that oversight and security on their personal networks and cyber-stored information is a good thing, even if it comes at the cost of some privacy. As such, he believes that the U.S. will eventually have to move to a new version of the internet; one that is very different, from the current version we use, but much more secure.
General Hayden visited San Antonio in December 2010, where he heard briefings from The Chamber’s Information Technology committee about the various cybersecurity initiatives that are happening in San Antonio. He applauded local cyber leaders for their work and how they are helping secure information not only for the government, but for corporations. He reminded the group that some companies are larger than many developed countries, and they regularly experience attacks, giving the example of Google most recently. Because it affects everyone, he encouraged all business and elected leaders to learn about this “new world” of cyber.
The Chamber sent a large delegation of information technology experts to Washington for SA to DC to learn from the Pentagon about opportunities for growing our cyber security assets in San Antonio. Additionally, the IT experts briefed elected leaders on the capabilities of the cyber companies currently located in the Alamo City.

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