Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Highway Administrator Wants U.S. to Think Multimodal

Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez told SA to DC participants that the administration is encouraging cities and metropolitan areas to plan multimodal when talking about transportation. He said that the country needs to consider all transportation methods when moving people and products around the country.

One area that may see particular emphasis from the Obama Administration is the marine highway as a way to increase opportunities for moving more products using waterways. Mendez also hopes that we will invest heavily in rail.

Mendez noted that all regionally, different modes of transportation will be needed because all regions are not the same. The Federal Highway Administration is considering each area’s specific needs, their overall culture/environment and what works in a particular regions when trying to meet the needs of national transport.

The Chamber brought a large delegation to Washington in hopes of helping secure more funding for regional projects, specifically as is planned by VIA Metropolitan Transit. Many members of the VIA board attended the SA to DC trip.

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