Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cornyn: the Keystone Pipeline should be approved immediately

US Senator John Cornyn described Washington as a lot like Disney; "It is a fun place to visit, but it isn't reality."

The Senator noted that the sequester took many by surprise because most didn't it expect to happen. He said it hit disproportionately in San Antonio because it is Military City USA. "The military will suffer about a trillion dollar in cuts," he said. "This may be the only part of the federal government that this administration is willing to cut."

Cornyn said that many cuts are needed that are more logical. He told the group that the White House has cut its spring tours, saving about $18,000 a year, but there is obviously more that needs to be done.

He proposed that the nation should use an economic and spending model more like Texas, where more jobs are being created than the rest of the country, and where it is clear that we are doing something right. Cornyn asked what is the secret sauce in Texas? He said it starts with energy, special thanks to the invention of shale gas exploration and fracking. He speculated that if we could increase our production at the current pace, we could become energy independent in the foreseeable future. This benefit doesn't event count the economic benefit of the additional jobs.

Therefore, he said he believes the president should not delay in approving the Keystone Pipeline. "Imagine what it could mean in the geopolitics around the world if we could be less dependent on the middle east for oil," he said. The entire video is below.

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