Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gallego Sees a Need for a Kinder Washington

Congressman Pete Gallego shared that for a guy from a small town, decisions in Washington seem to be more complicated than they have to be. He told the group that he has a different approach than many leaders in DC. He told of the birth of his first child and how everything he does is focused on what he wants to teach to his young son about honesty and integrity. He told the SA to DC attendees that he feels it should be ok to work with everyone in Washington, regardless of political party. He said relationships are important because we need everyone to build a stronger country for our children's future. He noted that Texas has the most to loose in the budget cuts to the military that came with the sequester. He also said we need help from all parties to fix the problem we created. The audience laughed when he asked, "Have you ever asked a favor of someone you just beat up?" He then said that Washington needs leaders who take care of the people of the nation, as well as a small business leader takes care of their customers. He recalled that he felt people have been rude to him when they find out he was a Congressman. He hopes to help change the attitude around the country about Congress.

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