Friday, February 6, 2015

Congressman Cuellar Discusses Border Safety and Immigration Reform

When it comes to Bexar County and San Antonio, our delegation works together, Congressman Henry Cuellar told the attendees of SA to DC. He first said he felt that an appropriations bill will be passed by Congress in time to pay for Homeland Security before the deadline passes. He also saw potential for more funding for Housing and Urban Development, transportation initiatives and for education/workforce programs.

Cuellar said that his focus is on the border. He describes how the border provides trade for San Antonio and South Texas and Washington needs to continue building on what is good about the border. He said there is a need for the right technology to bring the legitimate trade and tourism moves efficiently while also focusing on the security piece that is talked about more regarding border discussions.

He told the group he supports the designation of the missions to be designated a World Heritage Site. He has been working with Congressman Hurd on that issue. He also supports funding for a new federal court house.

Cuellar said he supports expanding trade agreements, especially the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) to expand trade with the east.

Hear his presentation here.

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